About Us

Newman Wine & Spirits was founded by Jonathan Newman, former Chairman of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Named Wine Enthusiast’s Man of the Year in 2003 and recipient of the American Wine Society Award of Merit in 2004, Jonathan was named by Marvin Shanken’s Market Watch as one of the Top 5 Leaders of the alcoholic beverage industry in 2005.

Jonathan has long been an advocate for wine retailers and consumers. He is a popular speaker who makes frequent radio appearances, and whose opinion on the wine industry is regularly sought by the media.

Jonathan believes that overdelivering on value is the key to success in the wine industry. Wineries and retailers that consistently overdeliver will be trusted by their customers and will develop excellent repeat business without the need for expensive marketing campaigns.

As we work on a wine-by-wine basis, we carefully select each wine based on its taste profile, varietal, appellation and price. Each wine we sell meets our criteria in all of these areas. Consumers know that a Newman Wine & Spirits wine is both a good wine and a good value.

about_us_mag_coverSince opening our doors in January 2008, Newman Wine & Spirits has expanded its operations into six states, with a retail network of about 200 fine wine stores. Even though our portfolio is very selective, we have ongoing relationships with more than a dozen wineries.

Newman Wine & Spirits’ office is in the suburban Philadelphia area.